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How Did You Sleep Last Night Infographic
Brown rice is a great source of protein, dietary fiber, and also gamma-oryzanol.   
The blood flow to the brain is increased while exercising. The fitter one is, the more the blood flow increases.   
East vs West Medicine Infographic
Health Benefits of Potatoes   
Depression is a disorder associated with low GABA levels, and yoga can elevate brain GABA levels   
Treadmill Workouts Infographic
Nutrients in Blueberries   
The origins of depression could be caused by a mixture of genetic and other reasons such as stress   
What is Sleep Apnea Infographic
Beets help to support the liver and gallbladder, influencing fat metabolism   
Risk of hereditary high blood pressure greatly reduced with moderate exercise   
The Effects Of Stress Infographic
Black tea contains the highest concentration of a carbohydrate that prevent glucose absorption; making it the most effective for diabetics   
SAMe seems to take effect more quickly than antidepressants